Expert flip of the wrist

For centuries mini pancakes have been a favorite of all ages at outdoor markets and funfairs across Holland. Watching them made — with an expert flip of the wrist — is half the fun. Traditionally, they’re served with melting butter and powdered sugar. We add the option of a decadent modern twist, like gloriously oozing Nutella or Bounty sauce, syrups, white chocolate, honey and even cheese spread. A serving of 10 mini pancakes is perfect for sharing — on the spot with family and friends or online with selfies and rave reviews.

huur een poffertjeskraam

Our amazing toppings

Poffertjes en nutella


Poffertjes en aarbeien


Poffertjes en caramel


Poffertjes en kokos


Poffertjes en parmesan

White chocolate

Poffertjes en appel


Poffertjes en kaas


Poffertjes en kaneel


Poffertjes en honing


Delicious and healthy

Our mini pancakes are among the best, made from carefully sourced ingredients flown in straight from Holland. Yes, our flour is processed in windmills! And it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients. Mini pancakes are surprisingly low in calories with only two potential allergens: milk and gluten. We constantly check the quality of our ingredients, process and product to ensure they are no less than the peak of perfection.

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